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Karen Nuessle

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Articles by Karen Nuessle

Shepherdess: My Special Place (November 1985)

God has a ministry for you to fulfill. And the talents, interests, and opportunities He has given you help to define your unique niche in His work.

Those PKs: clues to our kids (September 1987)

Are PKs harder to raise than "normal kids"? Whether they are or not, here are some ideas that will make your life a little easier.

Plan B (July 1988)

Have some of your dreams in the ministry failed to materialize? Are you faced with disappointments and even tragedy? It's all part of Plan B.

Five faces of the minister's wife (April 1984)

Most people find their lives divided into stages—and wives of pastors are no exception. While the times of transition between stages often bring extra stress, you can meet them successfully.
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