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Miroslav Pujic

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Articles by Miroslav Pujic

Leadership by wisdom and example (February 2014)

“Self is the greatest enemy of the preacher, more so than in the case of any other man in society.”

Social Media and Evangelism (January 2014)

The author shares five ways that social media communication tools have profoundly changed our lives.

Meaning Makers for Postmoderns (December 2013)

As we understand we are meaning makers, we share with God in helping others see their vital meaning and purpose in this world. But as Jesus has shown us, the focus of meaning is on God.

Re-imagining evangelism in a postmodern culture (May 2013)

Who are postmoderns, what do they believe, and how can we reach them?

Postmodern Cultural Patterns (June 2013)

The importance of understanding cultural patterns.

Process versus instant evangelism (March 2003)

An introduction to this month's theme
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