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Richard A. Sabuin

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Articles by Richard A. Sabuin

Blasphemy against the sanctuary in the context of the great controversy (November 2014)

The book of Revelation pulls back the curtain and gives readers a glimpse into the great controversy as it plays out in heaven and earth.

Were Andronicus and Iounian apostles? (May 2014)

Did Andronicus ever receive the title apostle? And, was Junia a female apostle? Read how the author addresses these issues.

Zacchaeus: A man with many connections (June 2010)

Pastors may find some individuals with multiple problems or hindrances like Zacchaeus. But, don't lose hope! God will guide in your attempts to reach them. Many have explored the Zacchaeus story (Luke 19:1-10) from the perspective of its relation to other passages in Luke. Some have related it to the stories about the rich ruler (18:18-24), the healing of the blind man (18:35-43), the daughter of Abraham (13:16), and the paralytic (5:18-26). Others relate it not only with...
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