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E. W. Tarr

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Articles by E. W. Tarr

Public Relations Seminar (November 1958)

The highlights from the recent Public Relations Seminar held at Potomac University from August 20 to 29.

"None of Us Liveth to Himself" (September 1965)

The need for encouragement and fellowship.

Public Relations and Adventism (July 1967)

Selected portion of the opening address at the Public Relations Advisory Committee meetings, April 10-12, 1967, in Decatur. Georgia.

The impact of the church in the community (August 1960)

It is a common error in community re­lations to concentrate on making things look good instead of actually making them good. Community relations for a church starts on the inside and from there moves to the outside.

The Public's Attitude Toward the SDA Church (October 1970)

THIS brief summary is prepared in response to the many requests for additional information about the recently completed study of the Adventist Church by the American Institute of Public Opinion (Gallup poll). This was a profile study to test U.S. public opinion regarding the church, the public's view of the church and attitudes toward its beliefs and activities.
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