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Marty Thurber

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Articles by Marty Thurber

Viral: How social networking is Poised to ignite revival (October 2014)

Sometimes I feel like there are too many things to get involved with. Life has become a digital Babylon—confusion.

Social Media and the Pastor (November 2013)

How can the use of social media feed those who hunger and thirst, bringing a new dimension to spreading the love of Jesus that would not be possible otherwise?

Life Is Mostly Edges: A Memoir (September 2009)

If you've ever wondered why you're a pastor, you will enjoy reading Calvin Miller's Life is Mostly Edges: A Memoir.

Suicide affects us all (September 2005)

Patterns of speech and behavior indicating possible suicide and possible responses

Can you be in two places at once? (August 2006)

Suggestions on how to be accessible to the members in a multichurch district.

Blogging: a new way to share your faith (February 2007)

What is blogging? Today, another revolution, called blogging, has surfaced. Blogging offers endless possibilities for sharing your faith almost instantly to millions around the globe. Blogging is all about connections-using the magic of Internet.
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