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Alberto R. Timm

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Articles by Alberto R. Timm

Sola Scriptura: The reformers and Ellen G. White (October)

What is the sola Scriptura principle and how did Ellen G. White view it?

Longing for His appearing (July/August 2015)

This article deals with the time element as related to the Second Coming and the establishment of God’s kingdom.

The Scapegoat in the Writings of Ellen G. White1 (October 2013)

While all the statements from Ellen White speak of the scapegoat as representing Satan, why would one—and only one—statement apply the scapegoat to Christ? An investigation.

Reviving inactive churches (February 1992)

Small groups provide the answer to activating churches in growth and soul-winning.

Ellen G. White and tithe (February 1994)

An analysis of four controversial statements

Radio-interactive Bible-study evangelism: A Brazilian case study (December 2000)

The account of a successful radio and local congregation-based outreach plan

Understanding Inspiration: The symphonic and wholistic nature of Scripture (August 1999)

A comprehensive view of the relationship of inspiration to the Bible's authority

Ellen G. White: Prophetic voice for the last days (February 2004)

An exposition of the Seventh-day Adventist belief in the "Spirit of Prophecy" and its manifestations in the ministry of Ellen G. White.

Building a growing church: The South American experience (October 2008)

How has membership grown in South America? What lessons can others learn from them?
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