Approaching the end of my 10 ½ years as an editor of Ministry and in the Ministerial Association, I find myself looking back on so many wonderful times experienced and lessons reinforced—too many to mention at this time. But here are a few:

People are committed to God’s work and people. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to carry the load for people who travel so much. I deeply admire our support staff, and have never worked with a group of men and women that is more dedicated to their tasks and caring for one another. They exemplify Christianity in that they don’t talk Christ. They live Him; and their vertical walk with God extends to genuinely caring about every aspect of their colleagues’ lives. To be a part of such a family has inspired and uplifted me.

God’s children are the same everywhere. I never imagined I would have opportunities to meet and worship with so many people around the world. I have seen for myself that in spite of language and cultural differences, we all passionately love God and want to see others saved into His kingdom.

Wherever I travel, I videotape musicians—whether violinists, soloists, or choirs. Styles of music vary. But a beauty exists in each one that speaks to the diversity of worship; and such diversity possesses the power to teach us about one another and reveal greater beauty about God and His wisdom.

We must focus on Christ. Before accepting the call to serve in the General Conference (GC), the best advice shared with me was to keep my eyes on Christ, not others. Long story short, that sage wisdom from a man who worked in the GC building for many years has strengthened me to weather many storms.

“LORD, bless all those who labor so dutifully in Your name for Your people. Amen.”