Unauthorized Standards

Unauthorized Standards

Can a pastor right­fully establish new requirements or standards for church membership?

O. Montgomery

Unauthorized Standards

Question.— Can a pastor, a local church board, or a committee, right­fully establish new requirements or standards for church membership?

Ques.Has a pastor the power or right to set up requirements in mat­ters of faith or conduct which the de­nomination has not adopted?

Answer.No. No minister, church board, or conference committee has the right to establish new and unauthor­ized standards or requirements for church membership. If there is to be any new standard of church discipline touching faith or conduct, it should be set by the denomination in General Conference or Council session, and not by a pastor, a local conference commit­tee, or a union committee. No individ­ual or sectional group may properly re­quire a person coming into the church to subscribe to requirements to which the denomination does not ask him to subscribe. The principle is clear.

O. Montgomery

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O. Montgomery

May 1928

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