Common Errors in Speech

Kindly correctives on speech and diction.

A.N. Anderson

With the design of saying, " He isn't going to do it," how often it is stated, " He izn'a-gona do it "! There is need of clearer enunciation of every sound, and of giving strict attention to the " ng's." There are many such slurred expressions which, when phonetically pictured to the eye, appear ridiculous.

To use the word "counsel" when meaning " consul," is to run the risk of being lowered in the estimation of others and cause lack of respect for the message uttered through such a careless channel.

Many a faithful shepherd of the Lord's flock makes the common mis­take of referring to his " pastoral " duties as " pastorial."

Ordinary bywords are never appro­priate, and the Christian should espe­cially seek to avoid exclaiming, "Oh, my!" "My sakes!" and many other such expressions of close kin.

It is incorrect to say " us workers," as the subject of a verb. It is wrong to say " we workers " when this com­bination is the object of a preposition. " A company of us workers " is correct. A preposition takes the objective case. To say, " A company of we workers," smacks of the tyro in English.

A.N. Anderson

Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan.

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A.N. Anderson

January 1930

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