Radio and Literature

The installation of the radio public address system has proved to be a valuable asset to our institution.

By W.M. Andress

Radio and Literature

By W.M. Andress

The installation of the radio public address system has proved to be a valuable asset to our institution. Many of our patients and guests, who do not feel free to come to the parlor for the religious services, " listen in " from their rooms, and are very appre­ciative of this arrangement. Through the radio system we carry the morn­ing worship, prayer meeting, Sabbath school, and other religious services to the rooms of the patients, and also the parlor entertainments in the form of lectures which are given from time to time. Our broadcasting program is announced by card, as follows:

(See PDF for sample program)

Other Programs As Announced

We are endeavoring to make the most appropriate use of our literature. Some months ago we placed in each guest's room a copy of " The Marked Bible," and we find that this pamph­let is exerting an excellent influence. Some of our patients have taken their stand for the truth as a result of read­ing this book. In each room there is also placed a copy of the Bible, " Min­istry of Healing," and the Morning Watch Calendar. For the benefit of patients who are too weak to handle the Bible, we find it a good plan to place Scripture portions in the rooms. Special attention is given to this fea­ture in the surgical wards. A booklet entitled, " The Pocket Treasury," pub­lished by the Moody Bible Colporteurs' Association, has met with favor. This booklet contains choice chapters of Scripture, which are appreciated by patients who are too ill to use a large book.

I am trying from day to day to cul­tivate a spirit of Christian boldness that will enable me to present more and more definitely the virtues of Christian faith and the special doc­trinal features of our own belief. I am convinced that many of our doc­trines can be presented to the patients and guests without giving offense, if we will exercise the necessary degree of tact.

Boulder, Colo

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By W.M. Andress

January 1930

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