By Glenn A. Calkins

We believe that the statements made in the "Testimonies" to the effect that the work will be finished when the consecrated lay members rally to the tasks assigned them, are literally true, and we are endeavoring to the best of our ability to carry on Bible workers' training classes in the churches, under the direction of our experienced conference Bible workers. The course of training has now been completed in a number of the churches, and the results are very gratifying. Through this means the conference Bible workers are able to multiply their services many times over. In the San Bernardino church two classes have been conducted by Sister Bur­nett; Sister Carpenter has conducted three classes in Orange County, and will soon organize another class in Riverside; Sister Jenkins has had a large class in Redlands; Sister Wil­liamson has conducted a joint class for the University Heights and East San Diego churches, and has been assisted in the teaching by Sister L. J. Burgess, who has had years of experience in the Bible work.

The class conducted by Sister Wil­liamson and Sister Burgess had an enrollment of between forty-five and fifty, and the course of studies con­tinued for nearly six months, conclud­ing with a very thorough examination, as will be seen by the list of questions asked. After reading these questions, it is especially interesting to know that twelve members of the class re­ceived a grade higher than 90, while eight of them received above 95, and one was a perfect score. Two received grades of 99%. The class completed its work in August, and since then most of the members have been carrying on a systematic series of Bible readings.

Just a few days ago I received a letter from Sister Williamson, saying that at present three of those who had completed the course were working in connection with an evangelistic effort being conducted by Brother John Ford in San Diego, while the others were working systematically in their own neighborhood, with excellent results becoming apparent.

It may be well to state that the examination questions used by Sisters Carpenter, Jenkins, and Burnett were a little different, but were equally com­prehensive and thorough.

Those who had completed the train­ing course at the time of our annual camp meeting were presented with a small certificate, giving brief recogni­tion to the fact that they had finished such a course, and were thereby con­sidered qualified lay members for giv­ing Bible studies along doctrinal lines as taught by Seventh-day Adventists. The instructor of the class does not leave the members without first mak­ing appointments for them in the field, and going with them to the homes of the people to give such assistance as they may need in doing actual Bible work. We know that the blessing of the Lord attends the effort to prepare the church members to do their part in teaching the truth by the house-to­house method.

Arlington, Calif.

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By Glenn A. Calkins

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