Attracting the Youth to the Bible Work

Attracting the Youth to the Bible Work—No. II

When there is a leader, youth will ever follow.

By Louis C. Kleuser

When there is a leader, youth will ever follow. "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men," backed by the Saviour's forceful personality, drew young fishermen tremendously interested in fishing into soul winning. Per­sonality counts, and especially with youth. "To whom shall we go?" was not merely Peter's cry; it is the cry of youth today. The Bible worker must be able to point the way. She must know how to advise, and direct in the per­plexing problems that involve employment after the Sabbath truth has been presented. To the youth of the church, she must know how to give direction in service. Hers must be the advice of a specialist.

Mastery of a course in Bible read­ings is one necessary qualification for the Bible worker. After this has been attained, true success in the profes­sion will mean ability to branch out from set forms with a skill that will constantly bring from the treasure store of truth gems old and new, These must then be flashed before the eyes of youth, until the hands that would retain the world in their grasp reach out for eternal satisfaction. Such a Bible worker will not merely give Bible studies, but she will bring from the word the inspiration that appeals to youth, and will link them to her in soul winning.

What a field for development! What caution it holds for the worker who is in danger of falling into a rut! The simplicity of our message lends itself admirably to development. There is constant need of workers who know how to adapt themselves to the art of presenting eternal truths in modern attradtiveness. This was the Saviour's art. It vitalized His studies, and illuminated His instruction with pictures of life in His day. This is what appeals to youth, and the Bible worker should not overlook develop­ment in this respect.

Prophecy is history in advance. Each should be studied in the light of the other. And we must be fa­miliar with present-day developments, as well as with the outstanding events of the past. Primarily, the Bible and the writings of the Spirit of prophecy should be studied; for there needs to be constant advance in spiritual truth. With their study, however, there should be a wholesome inquiry into the realm of general knowledge. Narrowness on the part of the Bible worker develops narrow converts; and when the storms of research and evi­dence beat against the walls of faith, our efforts may be found wanting un­less we have taken care properly to fortify every position.

Teaching the matchless principles of truth, and thereby creating a love for them wherever found, is our task. Let us give our youth this mold. Name it what we will,—Bible readings for those not of our faith, Standard of Attainment study for the youth of the fold, or the layman's Bible class,—it is the privilege of the Bible worker to teach truth until hearts burn to tell it again to others. Working in this way, she will be able to develop sound church members, who, in turn, catch­ing the inspiration, of her life, will help her to draw other souls into the gospel net. Here and there she will find a youth whose adaptability sug­gests candidacy for the profession. To this young person she must become a true friend. Wherever she is, a Bible worker for God will stir up the teach­ing gift.

New York City.

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By Louis C. Kleuser

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