Medical Missionary Work and the Gospel

No. 3—Work for Every Church Member

By G. A. ROBERTS, President, Inter-American Division

Following is a list of the classes who are to actively engage in medical-mis­sionary activities as set forth in the Spirit of prophecy:



Every missionary

Medical missionary workers

Bible workers

Many, who have not been able to take a regular course

Men and women

Every member of the church

All gospel workers

Children and youth

Every one of His ministers



Those who are preparing for the ministry

Men from the plow

Ministers "who have gained an experience

The ambassadors of Christ 

Conference Presidents

From the above list it is clearly evident that minister's, Bible workers, canvassers, gospel workers, and all believers, old and young, are to become informed on medical-missionary methods, that they are to practice the simple methods of 'healing, and impart health in­struction along with their evangelistic and other missionary endeavors. It is also just as apparent that all doctors and nurses, as well as all other workers and believers, are "to preach and teach," as well as to heal. And it seems that the meshes of the medical-mis­sionary net are so small that even "children" are to be gathered into this work. This net gathers in all.

The individual work called for here is to be in addition to, what we are doing institution­ally and departmentally in teaching, preach­ing, and healing. Each believer and worker is to take Jesus as his personal pattern of labor and service, and is to have a part in medical-missionary service. Unless our workers and the members of our churches do this, millions of unwarned in our isolated mission fields, and many neighbors and friends in the homeland, must wait for the ministry of the full gospel until medical institutions are established, or contacts are made with our institutions by these unwarned people. But preaching and ministry of the full gospel must precede the establishment of institutions. And in most cases it must even precede contact on the part of the public with our already established in­stitutions. Jesus preached the full gospel.

We are told that in every "place where the sick could be brought to Him, was to be found His hospital."—"Ministry of Healing," pp. 17, 18.

Arguments may arise in the minds of those who have not given serious study to this matter, against any minister or worker at­tempting to carry out fully the Master's methods until institutions can be established. But God has just as surely called upon us to do this before we have institutions, as He has called upon us to establish the institutions and use them in the proclamation of the gospel.

Sister White herself was a consistent med­ical missionary. And especially in her earlier work, she gave treatments to the women and children of the neighborhood. She was a true exponent of her teaching. A careful perusal of the instruction in the Spirit of prophecy, with its hundreds of statements concerning the importance of medical-missionary work, makes it very clear that the place of this work in the proclamation of the gospel is a major one. And the fact that "soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines but medical-mission­ary work" makes it imperatively incumbent upon every worker in this denomination and upon all our people to prepare themselves as quickly and as thoroughly as possible for ef­ficient service in this most important work. Note the following:

"As religious aggression subverts the liberties of our nation, those who would stand for freedom of conscience will be placed in unfavorable positions. For their own sake they should, while they have op­portunity, become intelligent in regard to disease, its causes, prevention, and cure. And those who do this will find a field of labor anywhere. There will be suffering ones, plenty of them, who will need help, not only among those of our own faith, but largely among those who know not the truth."—"Medical Ministry," p. 322.

"In every place where schools are established, we are to study what industries can be started that will give the students employment. Small sanitariums should be established in connection with our larger schools, that the students may have opportunity to gain a knowledge of medical-missionary work. This line of work is to be brought into our schools as part of the regular instruction."—Id., p. 323.

What Our Churches Should Do

Wherever it is practicable or possible, our churches should provide an equipped place where the members can be taught to give treatments and to do medical-missionary work. And surely every medical institution among us and every Christian doctor, nurse, and dieti­tian in denominational employ or in private practice, should freely render service in the training of this people along these lines. Not only so, but Seventh-day Adventist mothers and sisters who are good health reform cooks, should establish and carry on cooking classes for the benefit of neighbors and friends.

"The members of every church are to cultivate the tact and ingenuity that God will give them. The Lord has skill and understanding for all who will use their ability in striving to learn how to combine the productions of the earth so as to make simple, easily pre­pared, healthful foods, which will take the place of flesh meat, so that the people will have no excuse for eating flesh meat. . . .

"We need a genuine education in the art of cooking. . Form classes, where you may teach the people how to make good bread, and how to put together ingredients to make healthful food combinations from the grains and the vegetables."—Id., p. 267.

Every foreign-mission family should inform and equip themselves as rapidly as possible for this line of service. Our medical college is providentially named the College of Medical Evangelists. Never losing sight of its high and holy calling in this line, its influence through its graduates who are scattered around the world will be far-reaching, and effective in keeping doors open for the procla­mation of the third angel's message.

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By G. A. ROBERTS, President, Inter-American Division

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