A Jamaican Boy Preacher

Little Aston holds outdoor meetings.

 R. H. PIERSON, Superintendent, British West Indies Union Mission

In the little district of Newell, Jamaica, an eleven-year-old boy preacher has created quite a stir. Impressed by a dream in which he saw the Saviour come to him, instructing him to go to his friends and neighbors and tell them of His sec­ond coming, young Aston Parchment commenced his public work some time ago.

Although Aston had always been a good obedient Christian son, his mother did not take his preach­ing seriously at first. However, when older friends and neighbors reported to her that large crowds were gathering to listen to his preaching, she at­tended some of her son's outdoor meetings and discovered that the Lord was truly using this youth to give the message with unusual power.

Little Aston has been holding outdoor meetings in many near-by districts. Sometimes the crowds that gather are so large that folks will climb trees just to catch a glimpse of the young preacher. Many, being acquainted with his humble origin and limited schooling, have been greatly impressed with his knowledge of the Scriptures and the un­affected eloquence of his delivery.

The sermon outlines prepared by this boy preacher are most interesting. What they may lack in rhetorical finesse they make up in solid Bible truth. Aston finds real joy in the study of his Bible and delights in preaching on such sub­jects as the prophecies of Daniel, the second com­ing of Christ, repentance, conversion, the Ten Commandments, and other familiar Adventist top­ics.

Aston's work has done much to create interests. More experienced believers and workers have been able to follow them up fully, preparing candidates for baptism. Thus God is using a humble youth in the island of Jamaica as His messenger in helping men and women prepare for His Son's soon coming.

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 R. H. PIERSON, Superintendent, British West Indies Union Mission

November 1946

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