Doctor-Minister Brothers Go All Out


Discription of a evangelistic meeting

Evangelist, Potomac Conference

From one thousand to fifteen hundred people on Sunday nights, and from two to five hundred during the week, attended the evangelistic series which my helpers and I con ducted seven nights a week this summer in Lawrence, Michigan, a village of only six hundred population. People came from forty-four cities and towns. We were located almost midway between the cities of Kalamazoo and Ben- ton Harbor. The new tent, purchased by the Michigan Conference, was erected in the village park on U.S. Highway 12, one block from the town center.

The field was well prepared to receive the message by the influence of several S.D.A. doctors in the immediate and surrounding territories. Two of my brothers, Doctors Paul and Fred Boothby, are practicing physicians in Lawrence; and a third brother, Dr. Carl Boothby has a medical practice in Hartford, six miles from the evangelistic center. Two more of-our doctors, C. H. Palmer and A. L. Stagg, are also located in Hartford; Dr. Anderson is in Watervliet; Dr. Spalding, in Gobies, Dr. McFadden, in Bloomingdale; and Dr. E. B. Johnson, in Allegan. These doctors have all had a tremendous influence for the message in their communities, and the influence of their services is a demonstration of how the medical work allays prejudice. We need many more consecrated Adventist doctors in our cities, towns, and villages throughout the United States.

My brother Fred paid the salaries of the campaign workers, and the evening offerings covered the operating expenses. The Benton Harbor radio station gave a week of free broadcasts. On the opening night the president of the village of Lawrence gave a speech of welcome, and the Lawrence High School band played. The president and the secretary-treasurer of the Michigan Conference gave the most helpful and sympathetic cooperation. The district leader and the pastors of our near-by churches, as well as the entire membership of the local churches, gave loyal, sympathetic, and untiring service. It was an inspiration to see how our dear people of the Advent faith cooperated in bringing the message to their com munities.

Seventy-two people were baptized, and others are to be baptized later. They joined several of our churches in that territory. A new church was organized in Lawrence. Dr. Fred Boothby donated a valuable building on a main corner, which has been converted into a neat chapel, seating 125 people.

The twelve weeks allotted for the effort went all too soon. We had the interest that could easily have resulted in fruitage of 150 to Zoo conversions. More than a hundred people in Lawrence and the rural area surrounding it have enrolled in the Twentieth Century Bible Course.

We have been instructed in the counsel of the Spirit of prophecy that every city, village, and hamlet is to hear the message for this hour, and that memorials for the truth are to be raised up in all these places. The evangelistic meetings this summer demonstrated that a big work can be done in the small towns by launching out into large endeavors.

We advertised the meetings in nine small town newspapers and in the two near-by city newspapers. We placed window posters in all the near-by small towns and in the business places between these towns. Our members from the various churches distributed handbills in their communities.

This is the great day in evangelism for Seventh-day Adventists. Never were the opportunities greater, never were the prospects more challenging, never was the great prophetic Ad vent message more timely, and never was the hour more solemn and serious.



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Evangelist, Potomac Conference

February 1950

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