Conduct in Committee Meetings

COUNSEL: Conduct in Committee Meetings

Proper conducts prior and during meetings

REVERENCE AND CONSECRATION.—"Let' those who attend committee meetings remember that they are meeting with God, who has given them their work. Let them come together with reverence and consecration of heart."—Testimonies, vol. 7, p. 256.

DEALING WITH IRREVERENT.—"If some member of a committee is careless and irreverent, let him be reminded that he is in the presence of a Witness by whom all actions are weighed."— Ibid.

PRESENCE OF EVIL ONE INDICATED.—"I have been instructed that committee meetings are not always pleasing to God. Some have come to these meetings with a cold, hard, critical, loveless spirit. Such may do great harm; for with them is the presence of the evil one, that keeps them on the wrong side. Not infrequently their unfeeling attitude toward measures under consideration brings in perplexity, delaying decisions that should be made."—Ibid.

The Relation of Diet to Board Meetings

PERSONAL PREPARATION.—"Before our brethren assemble in council or board meetings, each one should present himself before God, carefully searching the heart and critically examining the motives. Pray that the Lord may reveal self to you so that you may not unwisely criticize or condemn propositions.

"At bountiful tables men often eat much more than can be easily digested. . . . Some may ask, What has this to do with board meetings? Very much. The effects of wrong eating are brought into council and board meetings. The brain is affected by the condition of the stomach. A disordered stomach is productive of a disordered, uncertain state of mind."—Ibid., p. 257.

DISQUALIFIED FOR GIVING WISE COUNSEL.— "The imprudent eater does not realize that he is disqualifying himself for giving wise counsel, disqualifying himself for laying plans for the best advancement of the work of God. But this is so. He cannot discern spiritual things, and in council meetings, when he should say Yea, he says Nay. He makes propositions that are wide of the mark, because the food he has eaten has benumbed his brain power."—Counsels on Health, p. 578.

"Every day men in positions of trust have decisions to make upon which depend results of great importance. Often they have to think rap idly, and this can be done successfully by those only who practice strict temperance. The mind strengthens under the correct treatment of the physical and mental powers. If the strain is not too great, new vigor comes with every taxation. But often the work of those who have important plans to consider and important decisions to make is affected for evil by the results of improper diet. A disordered stomach produces a disordered, uncertain state of mind. Often it causes irritability, harshness, or injustice. Many a plan that would have been a blessing to the world has been set aside, many unjust, oppressive, even cruel measures have been carried, as the result of diseased conditions due to wrong habits of eating."—Ministry of Healing, pp. 309, 310.



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