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New Approaches in Evangelism

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New Approaches in Evangelism

Myrle Tabler, R.N.

Myrle Tabler, Member, PR Committee, Sligo Church, Takoma Park, Md.


A unique approach to evangelism was carried out last fall and winter in two series of meetings held in the Sligo church, Takoma Park, Maryland, called simply "Conversation I" and "Conversation II." Dialog was the vehicle used to present Bi­ble themes in a modern setting, as a man or a woman might discuss them in the home.

Seated in easy chairs on the platform, William Loveless, pastor of the church, and Winton Beaven, dean of Columbia Union College, kept the conversational ball roll­ing in a pleasant, informal manner, back­ing the thought-provoking discussions with Bible and historical proof, using at times black light and chalk. Persons in the audi­ence used Bibles given them to look up and mark texts for further study.

In the first series of thirteen Sunday eve­nings, basic Bible doctrines were explored, such as the nature of God and man, sin and death, prophecy, the Sabbath, and others. In the second series Kenneth Wood, assistant editor of the Review and Herald, discussed with Elder Loveless modern man's concepts on such present-day issues as the United Nations; the Vatican Coun­cil—its meaning and effect; Sunday blue laws; and church unity—all scrutinized in the light of Holy Scripture. The final con­versation explored modern man's concept of the unpardonable sin, and presented the love and mercy of God, including a plea to accept so great a salvation.

The series, which dosed March 10, was attended by an average of more than one thousand each evening. A high level of in­terest was sustained throughout. Many ex­pressed a desire to continue to attend the church where they had gained new in­sight into truths so vital to modern living. MYRLE TABLER Member, PR Committee Sligo Church, Takoma Park, Md.
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