1976 Update

World Report Continued

THIRTY-SIX EFFORTS in progress are reported by Roy E. Perrin, president of the Martinique Mission, Franco- Haitian Union. Here is an indication of the really enthusiastic support being given to evangelism in this area this year. Persons baptized for the first quarter totaled 206, the highest ever reached for the first quarter.

A young evangelist is holding an effort in one of our large churches here in Fort-de-France. This is his fourth week, running five nights a week, and he has been packing the building every night. There are about 125 people in the baptismal class.

From West Indies Union Conference comes the news that the president of the West Jamaica Conference, E. R. E. Wright, with his team of workers, has already baptized 246 people as a result of a tent crusade. Although this president has just taken over the leadership of that large conference, he has a bur den for evangelism, and has led out in a very successful crusade.

L. V. McMillan arrived in the Bahamas in December, 1975, to take up his new responsibility as president of that conference, and by January he and his team of workers had launched a major evangelistic crusade. From the very beginning the tent was packed to capacity. We have now received word that 327 have already been baptized, and by the time this report reaches our readers there will be possibly more than 400 added to the church as a result of this successful crusade.

A district pastor, L. C. Thomas, of the i West Jamaica Conference, has already baptized more than 200 from the evangelistic crusade he conducted in a tent.

In the East Jamaica Conference, West Indies Union, Roy W. Ashmeade began a tent crusade on Sunday evening, April 4, with a very good attendance. He is well supported by his team of assistants and the president of the field.

The year 1975 was General Conference year, and it is usually expected that a General Conference session such as the one in Vienna will affect the evangelistic program in our local fields, but we are glad to note the following according to unions: Antillian Union in 1975 had 21 centurions; Caribbean, 13; Central American, 19; Colombia-Venezuela, 14; Franco-Haitian, 13; Mexican, 38; and West Indies, 35, "making a total of 153 centurions.

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July 1976

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World Report Continued

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