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October 1976


Editorial: The Quarterly Desecration Service

Rightly dealing with the holy things of Holy Communion


Recommended Reading

Monthly book reviews by various authors.

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Soul-Winning Elders

The Local Elder column

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Shepherdess: Our Door Remains Open

What does being an American really mean to me?

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The Great Controversy Theme in Jesus' Parables

Apart from God's saving grace it is impossible to satisfy the righteous requirements of the law.

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Long Livers Have Healthy Livers

The liver helps defend the body against toxic chemicals in our environment.

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Better Living Evangelism in Australia

Health as an integral part of public evangelism.

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Will Diane Get a Call?

Why Must We Persist in Discouraging Young Women From Accepting the Most Important Calling Any Woman Can Have?

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Fifty Years of Summer Evangelism

Evangelism is the only legitimate reason for our spending millions of dollars on camp facilities.

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Architecture of Participation

An architectural design process must bring together several actions.

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What Scientists Can and Cannot Do

Which authority do will you trust?

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Pastors, Know Your Hymnals

Church music and congregational life.

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Adventists and Politics: A Second Look

God calls us to clear the decks for action in the one area that really matters.

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Parleying with God

From One Leader to Another.

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The Editor Interviews H. M. S. Richards

What the Spirit of Prophecy has meant in his life.

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Begin the Millennium During This Quinquennium

A Challenge to us all.

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