How to Get Along With Difficult People

Florence Littauer, Harvest House, Eugene, Oregon, 1984, 166 pages, $4.95, paper.

Reviewed by Sally Streib, a pastor's wife who works with Shepherdess International.

Difficult people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They rush about city streets and scuffle along dusty country roads, peep out from behind the morning paper and huddle against the cold on street corners. They live in mansions, hovels, and suburban homes. A difficult person may live next door to you or even inside your own house. Perhaps you are one of them!

As you travel through this helpful and entertaining book, you meet such people as Bob Bossy, Gloria Gossip, and Harriet Hurry. You discover why they behave as they do, what they need, and how to get along with them. Littauer describes the four basic human temperaments and their combinations, along with their strengths and weaknesses in working, forming friendships, and showing emotions.

In describing how to use healing inter personal skills, the author refers to Paul's dealings with Onesimus, the runaway slave. She suggests giving honest compliments, showing concern, celebrating others' accomplishments, giving people choices, and helping them reach goals.

This is a book for those who want to understand others, take a realistic look at themselves, and put new relating skills to work.

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Reviewed by Sally Streib, a pastor's wife who works with Shepherdess International.

June 1988

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