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Books of potential value to the minister.

Building Clergy Compensation: A New Direction for Clergy Tax Savings Under the New Tax Law, Revised Edition, Charles M. Chakour, Abingdon Press, Nashville, 1988, 72 pages, $6.95, paper.

A general guide to tax law for ministers and churches.

Doubt: A Road to Growth, Finding the Freedom to Believe, Jackie Hudson, Here's Life Publishers, San Bernardino, California, 1987, 167 pages, $7.95, paper.

This is a book for the doubters in your congregation. It is simple, biblical, filled with the everyday sensibilities that can help a doubter find the faith that enlightens the mind and overcomes the despair of doubting.

The Mystery of Marriage, Mike Mason, Multnomah Press, Portland, Oregon, 1985, 185 pages, $10.95, hardcover.

"Like God Himself, marriage comes with a built-in abhorrence of self-centeredness. . . . It is one of God's most powerful secret weapons for the revolutionizing of the human heart."

There are few books on this subject that are written with the beauty and wisdom of this volume. It not only is about having a successful marriage but is an outstanding achievement of contemporary Christian writing and must be read to be appreciated. Pastors will find much new and refreshing material for use in weddings.

The Lucifer Files: An Angel's Assault on Love, Kenneth McFariand, Pacific Press Publishing Association, Boise, Idaho, 1988, 126 pages, $1.95, paper.

This book explores the theme of the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Imaginary documents from the devil's files are interwoven in the text of each chapter. Written to be a soul-winning book, it tells how the great controversy affects each human being.

The Groacher File: A Satirical Expose of Detours to Faith, Kenneth L. Gibble, LuraMedia, Inc., San Diego, 1988,' 144 pages, $9.95, paper.

Gibble gives us a humorous insight into Christian behavior as manifested in such institutions as the church, higher education, and government. This is done through the files of a bumbling undercover agent from hell. As he infiltrates these institutions, Groacher attempts to undermine the faith of Christians, but some surprises await him. The book provides us an entertaining, insightful look at contemporary society.

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January 1989

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