Free to Soar

Reviewed by Sally Streib, a pastor's wife who works with Shepherdess International

As the central theme of their book, David and Jan Congo focus upon the idea that the "power of love" surpasses the "love of power" as a basis for the marriage relationship.

The intriguing chapter titles lure the reader into a lively and practical text that gives creative suggestions to enrich the marriage relationship. Checklists provide for evaluation and comparison.

Three basic marriage styles are presented and contrasted. The first, called the unhealthy hierarchy, describes marriages in which the male or female dominates an overly submissive spouse. There is also the "two-headed monster," in which both partners attempt to control the relationship.

A second style, the isolated marriage, occurs when each person lives independently of the other, sharing only a house and a minimum of togetherness. It is typified by self-centered behavior and brings little satisfaction to either partner.

Most of the book centers on the third style, interdependence. The Congos have ideas that can help readers use the power of love to share their real selves and nurture and accept their mates. The book is loaded with creative ideas to help readers adopt a more affirmative and enjoyable approach in the marriage relationship, and even learn to use conflict as a tool for mutual growth.

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Reviewed by Sally Streib, a pastor's wife who works with Shepherdess International

March 1989

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