God: A Biography

Reviewed by Kenneth R. Wade, book review editor, Ministry.

To know what a man or woman is really like, you must watch him or her in action. The same is true of God. To really know Him we need to see how He acts and reacts in day-to-day life.

That is the beauty of this biography of God. It is no theological treatise, but a seemingly unending stream of factual accounts of God's dealing with people from Arkansas to Zion via Bucharest, Chicago, Dallas, Kiev, Rawalpindi, Siberia, Tokyo, and a hundred other places.

You'll find inspiration, faith-building stories, and a host of sermon illustrations here. All while you're getting to know God in a practical way that few theological works can accomplish.

Mosley's training and expertise is in writing screenplays for movies and television. He brings the techniques he developed there to the printed page by leading readers through a series of fascinating vignettes illustrating God's activity, and sometimes His seeming refusal to act, in human lives.

This is not a haphazardly arranged collection of stories, though. Each account is carefully woven into the fabric of a chapter on a particular aspect of God's character. And the 20 chapters are gathered under seven major headings, including "Shimmering Sword," "Omnipotent Restraint," "Sovereign Servant," and "Absolutely Personal."

This biography would make a great gift for someone who is struggling with questions about faith. But it will serve equally well for a Christian whose strong faith thrives on timely fortification.

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Reviewed by Kenneth R. Wade, book review editor, Ministry.

March 1989

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