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December 1998


Editorial: Needed: Non-North American Writers

Ministry is looking for articles written by pastors and other readers in countries outside the North American continent.


Interview: Revisiting Willow Creek

Andy Nash talks with two of Willow Creek's teaching pastors, Mark Mittelberg and Lee Strobel, about Willow Creek as a local church and as a burgeoning influence on churches everywhere.


Pastoral ministry to contemporary singles

The philosophy and practice of building a singles' ministry

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Megachurches, Marshall, and mission

Putting ego and ambition where they belong

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The "old" truths of the Bible

Bringing old and new together in contemporary worship

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Prayer and pedophilia: The separationist dilemma

Critical distinctions in the U.S. religious liberty debate

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Sabbath in the crossfire

An interpretative view of recent developments in the context of historic anti-Sabbath theology

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Church planting: Counting the cost

Significant personal issues for the church planter (and the average pastor)

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Reaching new generations

Research in North America shows some innovative ways

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