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January 2009


Editorial: Searching for the buried Bible

She was not a practicing Christian, and for her the Bible she now owned was a mysterious Book. Instead of risking potential problems, she decided to bury the Bible in her backyard.


Interview: Embracing those who reject religion: An interview with Roger Dudley

A foremost authority on youth ministries reflects upon 50 years of research to understand the spiritual experience of teenagers.


A model of success: What I learned in Guatemala

In a country that had been torn apart by a recent war, how is it possible that the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been growing so fast?

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Antichrist: From Persian dualism to contemporary Christianity

With the advent of the Reformation, Christian views of the Antichrist began to change. This new interpretation was one of the bulwarks of the Reformation.

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In Spirit and in Truth: Let's talk about Worship!

What comes to mind when you think about worship? Do you think about attending church services? Or about the whole content of your life as a Christian?

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The Name above all names: Redeeming Jehovah from hip-hop's grip

If we believe the Bible and the power of the name of God to heal, deliver, and save, then our responsibility includes making sure of the reverence and respect expressed for His name.

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Worship: Maintaining theological soundness and cultural relevance

Are many of today's worship forms determined by present-day culture or by vital theological engagement?

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Follow the Bible: a journey to spiritual renewal

How many people in your congregation read the Bible regularly? What about your denomination? You might be surprised at the low ratio. "Follow the Bible" is an initiative launched by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but we believe that all denominations would benefit by designing their own programs to encourage greater reading of the Word of God.

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Book Review: Be Last: Descending to Greatness

Jeremy Kingsley's book reverses the order of life as we envision it.


Book Review: Saving God's Reputation: The Theological Function of Pistis Iesou in the Cosmic Narratives of Revelation


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