The Ministry team has added a new dimension to its work: MinistryinMotion.

Derek Morris is editor of Ministry Magazine

Have you heard the news? After more than 80 years of publishing an international journal for pastors, the Ministry team has added a new dimension: MINISTRYinMOTION. This weekly television program explores creative and practical ideas for your current ministry.

What can you expect from this new ministry resource? In har­mony with the mission of Ministry, MINISTRYinMOTION has a threefold purpose: (1) to deepen the spiritual life of the pastor, (2) to develop intel­lectual strength through a careful study of the Scriptures, and (3) to provide practical instruction in pas­toral and evangelistic ministry. The lead host for MINISTRYinMOTION is Anthony Kent. Anthony has more than 25 years of experience as a pastor, church planter, evangelist, and teacher-trainer of pastors. Many of you are acquainted with Anthony as the coordinator of the Ministry Professional Growth Seminars. In more recent years, Pastor Kent has been providing professional development for pastors around the world.

Anthony asked me to serve with him as a cohost for this new ministry program. Like Anthony, I am also passionate about helping pastors to realize their full potential. Each week, Anthony and I will talk with special­ists who share their ideas for ministry based on a careful exegesis of the Bible and contemporary culture.

Here is one example of an upcoming program: Evangelist C. D. Brooks, speaker emeritus for the Breath of Life television ministry, shares some powerful insights on the theme of preparation for evan­gelism. In the three segments of the program, Brooks emphasizes a threefold preparation for evan­gelism: (1) personal preparation by the pastor, (2) preparation of the church, and (3) preparation of the community. After watching this half-hour program, you will be informed and inspired. If you miss any of the MINISTRYinMOTION programs, they are all archived at www.MINISTRYinMOTION.tv.

Anthony and I were particularly blessed by a conversation with Willie and Elaine Oliver on how to protect your marriage. Pastoral families experience unusual pressures and challenges. With many pastoral marriages failing all around you, how can you protect your marriage? Willie and Elaine share practical insights from years of family life ministry. You will find a deeper conviction and stronger commitment to protect and nurture your marriage when you watch this program. Here is a testimony from a viewer in North America: “I am writing to let you know that I very much enjoy MINISTRYinMOTION. I just watched ‘How to Protect and Strengthen Your Marriage.’ I was deeply touched, and I realized that I have been neglecting my husband. I am going to take the advice given on the program and make sure we spend more time together.”

MINISTRYinMOTION is broad­cast each week in North America on DIRECTV channel 368.* In other parts of the world, check the pro­gram schedule on your local Hope Channel. MINISTRYinMOTION is also available worldwide online at www.MINISTRYinMOTION.tv. You can download any program from the Web site at no cost for use in your church to train lay leaders.

We want to hear from you about needs and challenges that should be addressed in future MINISTRYinMOTION programs. You might even have a suggestion for a future guest who is making a unique contribution to ministry. Please write to [email protected] or click “Contact” on the Web site and send us a note. Your input is important to us.

God wants you to be an excel­lent Christian leader and impact the world through you. We believe MINISTRYinMOTION can help you as you join God in His work in your community. Please tell your pastoral colleagues about this new ministry resource. Lay leaders in your con­gregation may also find this program informative and inspirational. More information is available at www.MINISTRYinMOTION.tv.

Our prayer is that you will be blessed as you read the excellent articles in this current issue of Ministry. May you be inspired, informed, and live what you learn.

* Check www.hopetv.org for the current program schedule.

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Derek Morris is editor of Ministry Magazine

September 2012

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