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February 2015


Editorial: A clear sense of identity

As we study the Scriptures, we discover not only where we came from but also where we are going.


“The very atmosphere of heaven”: Lessons from South Lancaster

What will it take for us to finally realize the revival that God wants us to experience?


Streaming to the Lord

The author describes how, if the Israelites had continued to accept the loving guidance of the Lord, they would have received the wonderful blessings He was eager to lavish upon them.


Ordination: The neglected dimension

This pastor says, “All baptized members are ordained at the time of baptism to a lifetime of mission and ministry.” Do you agree?


Mutual Submission

From our continuing revival and reformation series.


The Sabbath: A Delight?

Read the six steps that ensure your family enjoys the Sabbath as a day of delight.


Literature ministry in today’s church

Literature ministry is a call to think of what life is all about—normal people confronting life in all its reality.



Religious news from around the world.


Identity: Being sure about who we are

Read the author’s version of what Seventh-day Adventists mean when they speak of the need to carefully maintain their Adventist identity.


Book Review: The Teaming Church: Ministry in the Age of Collaboration

A book exploring ministry in the age of collaboration.


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