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April 2015


Editorial: Spiritual leadership

When the leaders whom God calls allow Him to have complete control of their lives, the spirit of self-sacrifice, servanthood, and humility will exert a power for good over those they influence.


Pastors as gatekeepers: Congregational encounters with mental health and substance abuse issues

Clergy have a valuable role in helping those facing the challenges of mental health and addictions issues.

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God calls for a revival and reformation

From our continuing revival and reformation series.

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Deepen Your Commitment

If we ever needed to revive our commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the message He gave us, it is now.

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A delightful day

How does God want us to experience the delight of His Sabbath?

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The heavenly temple in the Gospel of John

This article will first explore temple language used by John in his Gospel, and then concentrate on what John says about the heavenly temple.

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Moses and Jesus

The author argues for the continuum position: Jesus built on what went before, and He did not discard law; indeed, He overwhelms the law with the fullness of grace and truth.

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Learning to Walk in the Dark

The author provides a way to find spiritual meaning in those low times in our lives when we do not have all the answer.

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Religious news from around the world.

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Sex on the Sabbath

The subject has always elicited strong reaction. Does the Bible address it?

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Seven suggestions for the sound system specialist

Practical pointers for pastors.

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Humble servant leadership: An interview with Ted Wilson

Discover the definitions for “humble servant leadership and true spiritual leadership.”

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