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September 2015


Editorial: Making room for young leaders

Do you have young adults in your circle of influence who have leadership potential?


Counter Culture: A Compassionate Call to Counter Culture

Most of the topics in the book address the complicated fallout of sexual distortion in society.

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Adventist mission: From awareness to engagement— Part 2 of 2

Consider how these ten trends can more effectively bring people to Jesus.

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Religious news from around the world.

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A revival ministry made of postal boxes

More devotional thoughts from the Revival and Reformation series.

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The church, Scripture, and adaptations: Resolute in essentials, considerate in peripherals—Part 2 of 2

Can adapting ritual and organizational instructions for mission and human needs be supported by Scripture?

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Mission: Restoring the link with God

Become inspired by the author’s personal journey as he wrestles with what constitutes evangelism, and what it means to communicate the gospel.

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“Lord, fully revive my sight”

Devotional thoughts from our Revival and reformation series.

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Old Testament principles relevant to mutually consensual homoerotic activity—Part 1 of 3

Read principles in the Old Testament relevant to the relationship between God’s community of faith and individuals who engage in some forms of sexual activity outside heterosexual marriage.

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The fall of Lucifer in Isaiah 14: Is the interpretation still valid?

Many Christians still use Isaiah 14:12–14 to explain the origin of evil and the notion that Satan was called Lucifer before his fall. But can this interpretation be sustained by the biblical text?

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The salvation of non-Christians in Africa: An Adventist perspective

What will be the ultimate end of those who do not profess Christ as their Savior?

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