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November 2015


Editorial: Miraculous life transformation

There was an intense tug of war. Was this teaching really the truth or just another person’s opinion?


Interim ministry: What it is, what it can accomplish

Bridging the gap between pastorates for a congregation is more than a short-term assignment. It is a specialized calling filled with blessings for the church members.


Youth witnessing

From the ongoing Revival and Reformation series


Partiality: The sin often ignored by many

Favoritism is often accepted as a way of life. How does God view it?


Letter from Anthony Kent

Clergy of all denominations find encouragement and insights in the pages of Ministry. Read how you can assist in sharing this vital resource.


Old Testament principles relevant to consensual homoerotic activity —Part 2 of 3

How does the Bible view consensual same-sex activity?


Jan Hus: A man on a mission

Six hundred years after his death, Jan Hus still speaks to us through his life.




“All Israel will be saved”: Establishing a basis for a valid interpretation

The author draws lessons from Jeremiah’s parable of the olive tree (Jeremiah 11) to explain the meaning of “Israel” for today.


Choose the best available and ask God for His blessing

Consumption of unhealthy foods is far more prevalent than obsession with good food. Yet, balance is very important in life. Making careful, wholesome choices is vital to maintaining our health.


Book Review: The Bible Tells Me So . . . Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable To Read It

In The Bible Tells Me So, Enns wants to expose Christian’s fear-based contradictory beliefs and show a new way forward.




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