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January 2017


Editorial: Thank God before you see

Explore the role forgiveness has in the healing process.


Mental health issues in the local congregation

Do you have a member exhibiting symptoms of a mental health condition?


Worshiping the one Creator God: Challenges and opportunities

Learn some pointers on how to reexamine the meaningfulness of your worship service.


Creating emotional balance in an unbalanced world

How do emotions factor into the issue of pastoral burnout?


An immediately answered prayer

From our continuing revival and reformation series.


Comforting God

How does our compassionate God interface with the pain of His creation?


Counseling the cancer patient

As a pastor you are faced from time to time with parishioners who are facing difficult health situations—maybe for themselves or for a close family member or friend.


The role of forgiveness in the recovery of physical and mental health1

Explore the role forgiveness has in the healing process.


Book Review: Theology Without Borders: An Introduction to Global Conversations

From our monthly book review.


Dateline: Dateline




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