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February 2018


The Ministry


Recovery of the biblical narrative

In an age of abstract theories, let us not miss the fact that Jesus taught in parables and stories—and the great controversy can be taught the same way.


Life together and conflict resolution

Conflict resolution is needed just as much in the church as in the world. Follow the logic of this author as he suggests a simple but profound New Testament solution for the church today.


My sermon assistant: Help for today’s preachers

It’s tough to come up with a new sermon every week. The good news is: there is now a plethora of Bible study tools available at the touch of a button.


Innovative evangelism part 2: An opportunity to be creative

Modeling Jesus’ technique for getting close to people requires prayer, imagination, and moving outside the box. Embrace these practical suggestions, and grow your church!


No Longer a Shrine

From our ongoing continuing revival and reformation series comes a testimony of God's continued miracles.



Religious news from around the world.


S. N. Haskell: Adventist Pioneer, Evangelist, Missionary, and Editor

A book review on an important Adventist Hero


Unity and collaboration in urban ministry

The church has a great opportunity to display the power of the gospel by creating a climate of togetherness. Here are six steps that a metro, culturally, diverse collage of churches can follow.


The church in Antioch of Syria: A model for multicultural ministries

In a New Testament climate of multicultures, the church at Antioch could well be a successful model for today’s church.


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor from our readers.


“Them” and us

Sometimes I think the Lord says, “You cannot live with Me until you have lived with them.”


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