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March 2018


Editorial: God’s work or mine?

God is always at work, and if we seek His plan and join Him in His work, amazing results will come!


Leading simply: Jesus’ third manifestation during uncertain times

Reach that place with Jesus where the quality of your communion is more satisfying than the quantity of your catch.

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The Holy Nudge1

Is that impression from God, self, or the devil? If you have ever been in a quandary with regard to God’s will, this article is for you.

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Prayer meeting in Prison

Another inspiring reflection from our continuing revival and reformation series.

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Game changers: Five transformative truths every pastor needs to know

How can pastors have successful relationships not only in their homes but also in their churches?

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To lead is to serve: An interview with Dr. Josmar Arrais1

This leadership professional shares that success is not found in status or salary, neither in position or power. Where is it found?

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Crossing boundaries: The universality of God’s mission

Are we reflecting God’s heart in our mission for the world? Cultural exclusion or Biblical inclusion is the crossroads that challenges the church today.

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Old Testament Law for Christians: Original Context and Enduring Application

What can contemporary Christians learn from the divine wisdom in Old Testament law?

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Religious news from around the world.

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Crafting a Christian “corporate” culture

Practical points for pastors.

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Letters to the Editor

Our readers respond to our articles.

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Cracking the Cornelius code—part 1

Warning: This article may crush the customs that you cherish and thwart the traditions that you treasure.

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