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Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor


Ending ministry

I enjoyed reading your article about preparing for retirement (“Questions for pastors as they prepare for retirement,” November 2017). Since I was serving in an elected position, I was not totally ready for retirement when I was not elected at age 70. It was a difficult time because I had been used to working probably 60 hours per week, and suddenly I had nothing to do. I did not see anyone or hear from anyone. It was an eerie feeling. I did have work to do but not what I expected in retirement. I am now serving a small congregation, which is a delight for both them and me. I had thought I might enjoy serving as a pastoral assistant when I retired. I did help one of my pastoral sons for 1.5 years with preaching until  he got a full-time assistant. 

You can plan ahead for what you might do in retirement, but be prepared for what the Lord wants you to do, which may well be different from your plan. I am thankful that money has not been an issue. I always enjoy reading your magazine. God’s richest blessings!

—Rev. Dr. David Bueltmann, Lutheran Church Missionary Synod

Beginning ministry

Someone shared with me a copy of Ministry magazine (November 2017). In it there is an excellent article entitled “Seven rules for pastoral interns.” I would like permission to send this out to our interns here at Heritage College & Seminary. Thank you for the useful resources.

 —Keith M. Edwards, Director, Heritage Partner Church Resource Center/Internships, Heritage College & Seminary, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

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