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Editorial: People, programs--and prayer

Sustainable fruitful programs function only in the presence of dedicated prayer.



Religious news from around the world.

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The making of a Christian leader

Leadership is not about politics, popularity, or power. Neither is it about position. How about we start with prayer?

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Divine appointments

Disappointments, frustrations, and interruptions are often God’s way of saying, “One of My children needs you just now.”

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The church that wouldn't sell

An inspiring testimony from our continuing revival and reformation series.

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Missional versus attractional: An argument the church cannot afford

When it comes to saving souls, there should be no debate about the method to be used—read on!

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The Great Commission

Preparing, sowing, and reaping. If it worked for a church like theirs, it can work for a church like yours.

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What the church can learn from the age of Amazon

Can the church learn anything from the business world about reaching more “customers”? Read it—from one of the best.

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The King is in Residence

Bradford maintains that the health of the local church determines the vitality of the entire Seventh-day Adventist movement

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Letters to the Editors

Our readers respond to recent articles.

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Seven witnessing styles to attract people to Christ

Learn how Christian witnessing means giving the fish the bait they like, not the bait you like.

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Practical Pointers: Friendship Evangelism

A classic article from the Ministry archives.


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