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August 2019


Editorial: Where is your heart?

One of the best, most effective tools in growing and maintaining a vibrant, healthy, missional, active church is the Sabbath School.


Does your church pray enough?

We say we pray—but do we really? See what frequent and fervent prayer can really do!

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“Dangerous submarines” attacking the heart of the church

How can you protect your church from the dangers destroying Sabbath School?

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Pastor, be an example—embrace Sabbath School

Just as the heart pumps life into the body, learn how to pump life into your church.

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The infusion of fellowship

Our ongoing revival and reformation series discusses why fellowship infuses all the goals of Sabbath School.

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Evangelism, Sabbath-morning style

There is power, power, evangelistic power in your Sabbath-morning pulpit—learn how to harness it!

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Whatever happened to adult Sabbath School?

The data is in—find out why one pastor says that if he was not a pastor, he would never attend Sabbath School.

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10-point foundation for church success

The closer pastors and churches follow these 10 points, the more success they can expect in their local church.

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Return to basics and renew your church

Growth happens when the Holy Spirit does His part—and we do ours.

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Book Review: Perceptions of the Protestant Reformation in Seventh-day Adventism

How have Seventh-day Adventists perceived the Protestant Reformation in the past, and how do they see their relation to it today?


Dateline: Dateline

Religious news from around the world.


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