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M.L. Andreasen

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Articles by M.L. Andreasen

The Foundation of the Sermon (June 1928)

A round table discussion on sermon.

Relationship of Doctrine to Life (part 1) (January 1936)

Do we prioritize theology or practical living?

Knowing What Not to Say (February 1937)

In a certain sense a minister selects his own congregation

The Atonement Central—No. 3 (June 1938)

The Father is the author of the atonement.

Editorial Defenders of the Faith-2 (December 1939)

In article No. 1, Professor Andreasen set forth several guiding principles which show how our editors and periodicals may be defenders of the faith. Near the close, he pointed out certain landmarks which all workers would do well to keep in mind. Those discussed were, maintaining true Funda­mentalism, and the right use of the Testimonies. He continues with the next point, on the doctrine of creation.

Editorial Defenders of the Faith--No.1 (November 1939)

A devotional study from the morning of August 25.

The Intent of the Sacrificial System (July 1939)

A study of the sanctuary and the sacrificial system as containing the gospel in embryo.

The High Priest's Garments (February 1939)

Which kind was worn on the Day of Atonement?

Creationism's Challenge to S.D.A.'s (October 1942)

A call to preparation for the coming climax

The Pope and the Peace Table (January 1942)

When peace does come, what may we ex­pect? Who will sit at the peace table ? Who will have the determining influence? What about the outcome?

Failure or Refusal to Discover Causes (April 1944)

A local church or a denomination may find the mortality among its young people out of all proportions. It is of little use to apply remedies until the causes are discovered.

The Ordinances of the Lord's House (January 1947)

Portion of devotional study, Autumn Council, Grand Rapids, Michigan, October, 1946.

The Atonement Central in Salvation—No. 1 (April 1938)

The standard of truth is to be uplifted, and the atonement of Christ presented as the grand, central theme for consideration. —"Testimonies," Vol. VIII, p. 77.

The Atonement Central in Salvation—No. 2 (May 1938)

The cross is central in the atonement and must ever so remain. Any theory that makes the cross a demonstration only, falls short of the reality.

Be Wise As Serpents (October 1937)

There are times when arguments must be met squarely, but I do not believe it is our duty, or that it is wise, to combat every er­roneous idea at the time it is set forth.

Doctrinal Belief Profoundly Affects Life (II) (February 1936)

Did Christ confine His public teaching to general statements concerning goodness, virtue, and repentance, or did He also definitely teach doctrine?

Scope and Content of Real Bible Study (III) (March 1936)

I may be well to consider just here some of the things that have been written through the special gift of God for the edification of His people at this time.

Theology The "Science of God" (May 1935)

The word "theology" means the "science of God." In general usage it includes not only a study of God as such, but also a study of His relations to His creatures and to the universe.

Forward and Upward (February 1930)

Articles on inspiration, counsel, and caution.
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