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Samuele Bacchiocchi

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Articles by Samuele Bacchiocchi

Africa in the Bible Crusade (January 1969)

IT IS an accepted fact that the Holy Scriptures belong to the whole of the human family. But does each tribe, nation, and continent cherish a sense of belonging to the Word of God? Africans came in direct contact with the Bible in the days of colonization, when Western powers imported the Sacred Book to their lands as a stabilizing factor. It should not therefore surprise any Westerner to meet honest persons in this vast continent who, in their subconscious, regard the Bible as the Book of the white man. . .

Sabbath and Sunday Observance in the Early Church (January 1977)

Rome and the Origin of Sunday Observance

Lord's Day Alliance hears Sabbath scholar* (July 1979)

Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, author of "From Sabbath to Sunday," outlines areas of cooperation between Sabbathkeepers and Sundaykeepers.

Paul and the Sabbath (November 1985)

What does Colossians teach was nailed to the cross? What (lshadow of things to come" does Paul write of there? Do Galatians 4:8-10 and Romans 14:5 indicate the Sabbath is no longer to be kept? The answers to these questions conclude our series on the New Testament evidence regarding the seventh-day Sabbath.

Paul and the law (September 1985)

Paul's apparently contradictory statements about the law can be explained by distinguishing between his moral and soteriological usages of the law in his writings. He rejected the law as a method of salvation but upheld it as, a moral standard of Christian conduct.

Christian Sabbath: New Testament evidence (July 1985)

In the Old Testament the Sabbath signified rest, liberation, and future Messianic redemption. The New Testament portrays Jesus' claim to bring to fruition these meanings. And it gives evidence of the importance of Sabbathkeeping in the early Christian churches.

Christian Sabbath: New Testament evidence (May 1985)

With this article we begin a four-part series on the Sabbath in the New Testament. Seventh-day Adventists consider the Sabbath an important part of New Testament teaching. The series reviews prevailing viewpoints, looks at evidence for the permanence of the Sabbath, and delves into Paul's attitude toward the law in general and the Sabbath in particular. We're presenting our views here. We'd like to know yours, too. Write and tell us what you think.

The call to motherhood (May 1986)

In our increasingly egalitarian society are mothers losing their unique role? There are still important distinctions between the sexes. Mothering is a profession.

Sabbath in the crossfire (December 1998)

An interpretative view of recent developments in the context of historic anti-Sabbath theology

Sabbath and salvation in the new testament (July 1997)

Second in a two-part series dealing with biblical perspectives of the Sabbath from a redemptive viewpoint

The sabbath and salvation (May 1997)

Insights into how Old Testament Sabbath typologies evoke images of God's redemptive work in Christ

Rome: an early persecutor of the church? (December 1982)

Christians have traditionally believed that Roman persecution of the church began soon after Christ left this earth. However, another look at the evidence suggests that Christians in the first century were relatively free from persecution by the Romans; it was the Jews who treated them with contempt. In fact, the restraining influence of Stoicism may have caused the Romans to protect the infant Christian church.
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