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M.N. Campbell

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Articles by M.N. Campbell

Well-Rounded Institutes Cover Division (June 1937)

Reports covering the 1937 Institutes.

Preparing Candidates for Baptism (November 1936)

The future integrity of this movement depends upon the present faithfulness of the ministry in preparing candi­dates for baptism and church member­ship.

Curbing Membership Losses (December 1936)

Discussion in preliminary Presidents' Council, October 21.

Marriage, And Ministerial Responsibility (March 1934)

Time and again I have been com­pelled by this instruction to decline to perform the marriage ceremony between members of our church and those of other communions, or of no religious faith at all.

Greater Evangelism (January 1932)

A discussion of principle, practice, and problems.

Others Are Also Watching (March 1932)

Readers of the Ministry will be interested in a report of the recent Student Volunteer Movement convention held in Buffalo, December 30 to January 3.
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