Sean Carney

Sean Carney is president of TAGnet and lives in Mountain View, California.

Perceptions of the Protestant Reformation in Seventh-day Adventism

How have Seventh-day Adventists perceived the Protestant Reformation in the past, and how do they see their relation to it today?

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The Sabbath and the Bible, Theological Symposium, vol. 1

This book can be called a biblical study of the Sabbath.

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Stories: Unlocking hearts for God

Some cultures are only drawn to the salvation story through relatable language, songs, and stories. How can we reach them?

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The 3D Gospel: Ministry in Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures

Examining a book that calls for for a three-dimensional gospel that speaks to every context instead of a one-dimensional approach that addresses only guilt and innocence

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Revival and Reformation While We Wait

Inspiring thoughts from our continuing revival and reformation series.

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Total non–church member involvement

Inspirational thoughts from our continuing revival and reformation series.

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The salvation of non-Christians in Africa: An Adventist perspective

What will be the ultimate end of those who do not profess Christ as their Savior?

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“Lord, fully revive my sight”

Devotional thoughts from our Revival and reformation series.

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Mission: Restoring the link with God

Become inspired by the author’s personal journey as he wrestles with what constitutes evangelism, and what it means to communicate the gospel.

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