Howard A. Currant

By HOWARD A. CURRANT, Pastor, Ventura, California

Baptisms Planned in Detail

The careful planning of a baptism.

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The Radio Read­ing Room

How this new room is a blessing to the city of Los Angeles and aiding the radio work.

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Radio Reading Room Progress

An update on the progress made in the last year.

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Reading Room Suggestions—No. 1

Because of frequent and urgent requests to set down in writing a summary of what I have learned through several years of experience in managing a reading room, the following suggestions are offered.

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Reading-Room Suggestions—No. 2

The room where people sit down to read should be large enough to seat eight to twelve people or more at one time.

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Evangelistic Bible Class

The Bible class in connection with a large series has proved to be a most excellent method of getting personal contacts with interested people, as well as indoctrinat­ing them in various phases of our message.

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