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Louis K. Dickson

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Articles by Louis K. Dickson

Enlisting the Membership (January 1928)

I do not believe that any one specified plan for such soul-winning work should be stressed above another.

Forward and Upward (October 1928)

Articles for inspiration, counsel, and caution.

The Association Forum (April 1928)

A round table discussion on city evangelism.

The President's Leadership (September 1939)

The wise president, with the interests of the young people pulsating in his heart, will seek to know the youth

Unerring Counsel for Executives (June 1939)

Those who are tempted to feel that the counsels of the Testimonies were good enough for the earlier leaders, but a bit behind the needs of the present hour, remind me of Carlyle.

Adequate Training for Our Task--No. 1 (February 1939)

Shall we insist on sixteen grades for applicants for ministerial work?

Facing the Facts with Candor (June 1940)

An inescapable challenge confronts the remnant church today.

The Evangelistic Council in Retrospect (August 1941)

The motivating spirit and implementing actions now stand out in bold relief

We Must not be "Bumblers" (June 1941)

We must not be bumblers in this crisis hour.

Facing the Modern Audience (March 1942)

The gen­eration to whom we now go with the message of truth for this hour has undergone a tragic change in thought and mental attitude toward those great fundamentals which gripped the minds of their forebears.

Anti-Liquor Call to Arms (April 1942)

Highlights from the last autumn council.

The Imperatives of Leadership (May 1944)

Timing, intelligence, courage, and dynamic forces.

Week of Sacrifice, November 24 (October 1945)

The Week of Sacrifice and the Week of Prayer offerings are to be combined again into one offering this year.

Sacrificial Liberality Called For (December 1947)

When in the history of the Advent Movement has it been so easy to send our missionaries quickly to the ends of the earth, and extend to them adequate guidance, counsel, protection, support, and sympathy, as at the pres­ent hour?

Responsibility of Administration (May 1948)

Administration is just another name for leadership.

Adequate Leadership (May 1956)

Leader­ship acceptable to God at this moment calls for something more than ability merely to keep the wheels of our great organization moving.

Adequate Training for Task—No.2 (March 1939)

By way of suggestion, it might be well to give some study to the advisability of arranging for fourteen-grade ministerial graduates to have one year of internship before they go on and complete the sixteen-grade course in col­lege.

The Matchless Gift of Prophecy (July 1937)

A Personal Tribute to Its Beneficial Influence

Future Leaders of the Church (December 1937)

To secure able men for the ministry is an object of transcendent, urgent, world-wide concern to the church of the advent movement.

Revealing God to Men No. 1 (February 1936)

John 17 and Christ's marching orders for the church.

Revealing God to Men No. 2 (March 1936)

Before we can achieve a greater unity of spirit, purpose, and power, we must ask and answer such questions as the following: Shall we return to Rome, to Athens, or to Jerusalem?

Danger of Professional Ministry (August 1936)

How making soul winning the business of the minister threatens the church.

The Evangelist's High Privilege —No. 1 (September 1935)

The evangelist of the advent movement stands out in bold relief, distinct from all his forebears in this field of endeavor.

The Evangelist's High Privilege—No. 2 (October 1935)

Beside other outstanding characteristics of Jesus' evangelism, one very important as­pect cannot fail to arrest our attention. His evangelism exhibited perfect leadership in all its pristine beauty and glory

The Minister and the Youth Problem (February 1934)

The youth problem of the church will be to a large degree answered when we as min­isters discharge our full duty toward our young people.

Leadership in This Matchless Hour (May 1934)

If we are in earnest about finding the cause of depression within the church, we must look elsewhere than in reports of lowered tithe, lessened foreign mission offerings, or receding home missions finance, for there is a shortage that does not appear in the surveys of our ac­tivities.

Sabbath School Evangelism (October 1932)

The Sabbath school is a mighty evangelistic agency, a crowning phase of church organization.

Leadership and "Followership" (October 1931)

Two demands are paramount today in the church as in the world; namely, the demand for leadership and the demand for "followership."

The Association Forum (June 1930)

A round table discussion on efficient methods.
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