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F.C. Gilbert

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Articles by F.C. Gilbert

Dating the Sixty-Nine Weeks (July 1932)

Does the Hebrew of Daniel 9:25 de­termine if we should date the sixty-nine weeks from the time the decree was issued, or from the time of its execution? And what evidence is there for our year-day principle of interpreta­tion here?

Hebrew Expressions in Genesis (March 1937)

The word "God," is used thirty-one times in the first chapter of Genesis. How are we to understand it?

Jesus to Become Man's High Priest (January 1941)

Biblical Exposition and Homiletic Helps.

Jewish Misconceptions of the Inspired Writings (August 1933)

Various ways to read scripture explored.

Misfortune of Adverse Criticism No. 3 (October 1937)

Our continued look at Egyptian archaeological findings

The Anointing of the Antitypical Most Holy (August 1934)

A study on the fundamentals of the message.

The Meaning of "Jealous" (March 1931)

Please explain the real meaning of "jealous" in the second commandment.

The Period of Christ's Priestly Ministry (March 1941)

Till when will Jesus minister as man's high priest?

The Query Corner (May 1932)

Our readers ask various questions on various topics.

Use and Abuse of Religious Titles (August 1936)

In these days of popular clamor for titles and official recognition, we need to be on guard lest we follow the path of those seeking the plaudits and honors of the worldly religious.

Use and Abuse of Religious Titles (October 1932)

In these days of popular clamor for titles and official recognition, we need to be guarded lest we follow the path of those who are seeking for the plaudits and honor of the worldly religious.

Why Jews Do Not Include Daniel Among the Prophets (January 1933)

Thus by a gradual process the writings of the prophet Daniel were almost entirely eliminated from their curriculum, yet the Jewish leaders felt they must not cast aside this holy book, since it was written by a man they had been taught was a man of God.

Why the Jews Rejected Jesus as the Messiah (December 1933)

The question heading this article is an oft-repeated one. It seems difficult for many to understand how or why the Jewish nation re­jected Jesus as the Saviour and Messiah, when the Old Testament Scriptures were so filled with prediction, type, and prophecy regarding His advent into our world.
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