H. W. Gimbel

Health Secretary, Canadian Union Conference

Inasmuch--A Parable

AND it came to pass in those days that there dwelt in a certain land ten honest and goodly men, filled with learning from the schools of the prophets. And as their forefathers had done in generations past, they went forth from the schools of the prophets to proclaim with much zeal the day of the Lord and to do good works. . .

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Don't Forget the Hoe!

MISSION '72 is now upon us. This monumental project is a determined effort by the whole church to reach every home in North America with God's last message. It is the most massive sowing and reaping evangelistic endeavor yet conducted by the remnant church, and we are all eagerly looking forward to a bountiful and joyous ingathering of precious souls as the meetings begin on March 4. . .

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