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Clifford Goldstein

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Articles by Clifford Goldstein

The day-year principle (April)

The amazing day-year key can still unlock the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

Baptizing the devil: Evolution and the seduction of Christianity 1 (January 2018)

Follow Goldstein’s unique logic and analysis of an irreconcilable debate between so-called science and Bible truth.

The Cross (September 2012)

Thoughts from our special revival and reformation series.

The meaning of life (November 2011)

What would you, a minister, have said to someone who expressed the dreadful conclusion that “life was meaningless,” so why should they hassle with all the pain and angst of living it?

Who's afraid of a Judeo-Christian America? (July 1986)

We all share a Judeo-Christian heritage, right? Shouldn't we all, then, be interested in seeing our government upholding religious values in our country?

Satan's consummate deception (August 1987)

Can we really expect a Sunday law to be the final test of loyalty to God in a non-Christian nation?

The Lord's Day (February 1988)

Compiled by James P. Westberry, Broadman Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 287 pages, $8.95, paper.

Grafting in the natural branch (June 1988)

Building on what we share with Jews, you and your members can make your witness to them more effective.

My Creationist-Separationist Dilemma (July 1989)

How do you reconcile a public school system, a separationist view of church and state, and creationism?

Israel's Prophetic Puzzle, Israel's Angel Extraordinary, Israel's Preexistent Messiah (January 1989)

Resources for persuading Jews to consider the claims of Christianity.

Investigating the investigative judgment (February 1992)

Does the Adventist doctrine of the pre-Advent judgment nullify the gospel?

Blood and judgment (February 1996)

The focus of investigative judgment is on what Christ's blood has accomplished.

Prayer and pedophilia: The separationist dilemma (December 1998)

Critical distinctions in the U.S. religious liberty debate

The pastor and politics (December 1997)

Staying on the right side of a fine, wavy, even broken, line

Love beyond reason (February 1997)

On assigning reason a role that nature denies

Interfacing faith and reason (April 2001)

Perspectives on the interplay of faith and reason.

Pain (May 2002)

The impact of the Cross on human pain and anguish.

The inexplicable unexplained: another look at evil (November 2005)

The author used to believe that we've got definite answers to our questions about evil. What does he believe now?

Christ's ministry in heaven (January 2004)

A Christocentric view of the twenty-third article of Seventh-day Adventist faith
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