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Ron Graybill

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Articles by Ron Graybill

Our "Brother's Keeper"? (May 1975)

PEOPLE are starving in the sub- Sahara region of Africa. In other parts of the world hurricanes and earthquakes are leaving thousands homeless and hungry, only to face the threat of epidemics. . .

Ellen G. White and Competitive Sports (July 1974)

WE DON'T have any record of the wins and losses of the Battle Creek College Bruisers or what ever they called their football team. Neither do we know who won the boxing matches in the basement of the college building. But Ellen G. White's statements in relation to exercise and recreational activity are clear enough without these backgrounds. . .

Ellen White and Literary Dependency (June 1980)

MINISTRY Editor J. R. Spangler interviews Robert W. Olson, secretary, and Ron Graybill, assistant secretary, of the White Estate.

Ellen White's role in doctrine formation (October 1981)

Is the revelation and inspiration of both the Bible and the writings of Mrs. White of equal quality? Can we make a distinction between the "normative" authority of Scripture and the "formative" authority of Mrs. White's writings in our church?

Elder Hottel goes to General Conference (February 1988)

R. DeWitt Hottel's diary gives a participant's perspective on the 1888 General Conference session.

Enthusiasm in early Adventist worship (October 1991)

Our spiritual ancestors had livelier services than many of us would be comfortable with today.

Visions and revisions, part II: editing the Testimonies (April 1994)

"There is no salvation in bad grammar," argued Willie White, and the resultant editing admirably preserved the integrity of the Testimonies.

Visions and revisions-part 1 (February 1994)

A textual study of Ellen White's first vision
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