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Paul Hamel

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Articles by Paul Hamel

Music in the Church (part 3) (August 1973)

WE MUST be alert lest we assimilate into the worship service those songs that reflect a weak or false philosophy. At the same time, it is important for us to recognize that theological ideas may be ex pressed in new ways that are orthodox, and that there have been changes in composition techniques for sacred music. . .

Music in the Church (part 2) (July 1973)

THERE are certain kinds of religious or gospel folk songs and styles of performance that are out of place in the church. I personally question the use of amplified guitars, a trap-drum set, and a bass viol played in a certain style that emphasizes beat and rhythm. These instruments have so many associational connections with secular musical situations that are openly wanton and musically and morally vulgar, that the minds of most people would be diverted from the worship service by their use. . .

Music in the Church (part 1) (June 1973)

MAN instinctively senses the value of music in his efforts to glorify God, and he has made it a part of his worship since Creation. . .
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