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H. J. Harris

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Articles by H. J. Harris

What Led to Your Decision? (August 1970)

WHO within the Seventh-day Adventist Church had a deciding influence upon your decision to become a member?" So went question 7 in a questionnaire conducted through the Columbia Union Visitor. The purpose of the questionnaire was to discover, if possible, why and how and by whom people become Christians and members of our church.

Attorneys, We Visit Them Not (April 1970)

ATTORNEYS are people too. They are people of intelligence, influence, and affluence. They are leaders in every community. Their counsel and advice is sought after and listened to by citizens everywhere. But we seldom seek them out for any reason. . .

Are They Necessary? (February 1970)

Seventh-day Adventists, like any other organization, do certain things so much and so long that they become traditions that are seemingly unbreakable. Among these is the use of Ingathering award ribbons. . .
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