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Frank M. Hasel

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Articles by Frank M. Hasel

Are there mistakes in the bible? (January 2013)

As Bible students, we need to look at the nature of Scripture and recognize the importance of asking how Christ and the apostles saw and treated Scripture.

Christ-centered Hermeneutics: Prospects and Challenges for Adventist Biblical Interpretation (December 2012)

The matter in any gospel-centered hermeneutic boils down to the issue of the proper relationship between Christ and the Bible.

The Work of the Holy Spirit (April 2012)

Read how individuals have been led to a new awareness of the Spirit and His gifts in the lives of believers.

The wrath of God (November 1991)

Can a God of love be also a God of wrath? What does the Bible say?

"The Word of God should be the measure": An interview with Eta Linnemann (July 2008)

A well-known theologian shares her concerns about the historical-critical method and its implications for ecclesiastical theology.

How to deal with open questions: facing the challenges between faith and science (July 2007)

The author shares nine guidelines to assist in striking a balance in understanding the relationship between faith and science.
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