Vance Havner

Vance Havner is an evangelist who lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Essentials in Religious Awakening

This article, reproduced by permission of the Bap­tist Watchman-Examiner, may profitably be read by every Seventh-day Adventist worker. Here is a frank declaration that is worthy of thoughtful study. There is increasing concern among the spiritually alert in various denominations today. We may well ponder our own relationship to these principles—EDITOR.

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Last Call to the Churches *

It is an hour of sheer desperation for America, for the world, for the cause of the gospel. The hour is too late for much of what we are trying to do in the religious world. There ought to be an urgency be­fitting the emergency, and the saints ought to be as desperate as the situation.

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Repentance As a Church Priority

THIS scribe has wasted considerable time watching television panels where experts pool their ignorance discussing the fix we are in and what to do about it. Like Omar, I usually come out the same door I went in. God is writing on the wall these days, but the soothsayers and "smoothsayers" cannot decipher the heavenly hieroglyphics. . .

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